Love Lecture

Words sliding off your tongue Really bring me alive. Would you walk into my life? Or, Would you run to a lie?   We have Been skin to skin, Laced in sin; Its already too late.   You can't run from feelings Because your heart Is in Love with the race.   Can't be living... Continue Reading →


I Just Want You

I just want you. More than anything That this world can give me.   I've run it through my mind A thousand times. Trying to picture the perfect Moments. But its never as real as You being right next to me.   Love Don't make me too blind to see. Show me your flaws And... Continue Reading →

Light Work

To myself I give all the trust. Shining like diamond dust. I am peaking through the crust Of the new me. Made in the image Of the One; So what if gods do bleed. I mean, I'm barely a blemish of the Source. He's the key to Life That opens doors. Providing signs that steer... Continue Reading →

A Timely Love

I'd rather not really know Where we're all supposed to go, Because Love is the only road.   Whether it is rain or snow, I know that we will find a path; I prefer the overcast.   Seek a mind as deep as A Love that will forever last. I know its Easier said than... Continue Reading →

Sun Day

Lately I've been caught up Within my own depth And I need help to be brought up. I'm forever lost in my thoughts Trying to daydream a new reality. Whatever it may cost, I just need change drastically. I hold out my empty cup. Do you have anything to offer? I pray as the times... Continue Reading →

Rest Easy

Lay your head On my chest. You'll breathe better, Love.   You're a dream Worth remembering. You give  me A vibe worth centering. Its hard to let go.   Your pain can be felt for forever. You're an open book of love letters. Sure, you have your walls Yet, Your heart creates connections That won't... Continue Reading →


They say don't live in the past But those tend to be the best days. I could tell you how it felt To fall in love on my birthday.   I know these things never progress us, But neither does the future caress us.   No promised days known to man. I hope some day... Continue Reading →

10:15pm Confessions

I get tongue tied when I try to Evade temptations. Forgive me for the women I've lied to; They just weren't you.   Tell me if its too late to admit That a connection is due. Are you too far gone In someone else's Love To see me anymore?..   Missed chances And second guessed... Continue Reading →

She Is Poetry

Beautiful women never impressed me. But beautiful women with good intentions Arrest me. They bind my soul into wedlock. Her eyes scream "don't forget me" Yet her presence is never gifted freely. It always comes at a cost. She tells me time is more valuable than money; So I cant help but wonder "What's her... Continue Reading →

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